2014 April "Protect Our Pollinators" Postcard Contest

Below are the results of the annual U of M School of Natural Resources and Environment student postcard contest. The contest is open to all K-12 visual art students in the Ann Arbor area. This year's theme was "Protect Our Pollinators", a great cross-curricular Art/Science opportunity. AAPS students had a strong showing and we are proud of all their efforts. The winners are listed below along with their school and art teacher.

Age 4-6
1st: Shannen L., Lakewood School (Peg Leonard)
2nd: Esme B., Angell Elementary (Sue Sanch)
3rd: Gabby T., Angell Elementary (Sue Sanch)

Age 7-9
1st: Rita Y., Carpenter School (Meredith Giltner)

Age 10-12
1st: Susan X.,, Lakewood Elementary (Peg Leonard)
2nd: Fritz G., Lakewood Elementary (Peg Leonard)
3rd: Catherine B.,Tappan Middle School (Sue Sanch)

Age 13+
1st: Bolin L., Tappan Middle School (Sue Sanch)
2nd: Emma W., Tappan Middle School (Sue Sanch)
3rd: Nicole T., Tappan Middle School (Sue Sanch)

Other Awards:
"Judge's Choice" Award - Roan B. (Peg Leonard)
The "Most Biodiversity" Award - Elaine C. (Peg Leonard)
"Most Dramatic Storyline" Award - Corinne C. (Sue Sanch)
"Funniest Postcard" Award - Alayna O. (Sue Sanch)
"Best Description" Award - Mary D. (Sue Sanch)

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